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"Unable to connect your Electric/Gas/Water meter"

Troubleshooting steps when you see the "Unable to connect your Electric/Gas/Water meter" message

You will see this message when we've received a connect request (a meter picture, and accompanying data) and determined we cannot connect the meter.

This generally has one of two causes:

1.  The picture of your meter isn't clear enough to read the barcode.
  • This is common with gas meters, as often the barcode is on top.
  • This is also common with some electric meters in which the barcode is underneath.
  • You might also have a dirty or scratched cover on the meter.
In all 3 instances, we suggest you try taking the picture again.

2.  Your meter is not supported.
  • Not all meters work with Copper at this time. We are hard at work expanding the number of supported meters. If yours is currently unsupported it may be in the future. 
  • Is your electric company the same as your gas company? You may have an electric-only offering from your utility. Let Copper and your utility know that you are interested in real-time data and we can work together to expand our offering.