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Samsung SmartThings - Sending Notifications

Samsung SmartThings (www.smartthings.com) lets you connect with a multitude of smart devices such as Copper. In this article, you will learn how to send messages based on your energy consumption. We start with the assumption that you have installed SmartThings and connected your Copper device. 

In this article, we will demonstrate how to set a notification when your power usage hits a certain threshold. Note: this integration can be set up by simply installing the SmartThings app from your app store. No other hardware is required.


smartthings notification

Go to the SmartThings Home page

Select "Add Automation."

First set the condition
  1. The screen will display "If" and "Then" options. Select the "+" next to "If."
  2. Now select "Device status."
  3. Select the "Energy Monitor" option
  4. Select "Power Meter"
  5. Select the energy threshold to trigger the alert and select "Equal or above"
  6. Select Done. 

Now set the action

  1. Select the "+" next to "Then"
  2. Select "Notify Someone"
  3. Select "Send the text message."
  4. Enter your text message such as "Your electricity usage has hit X watts"
  5. Select "Recipient" and enter your phone number.
  6. Save the setting.
  7. Save the Automation.

This will send a text to you if your meter goes offline. If it does, the following article describes how to reconnect it: How Do I Reconnect a Meter (Video)