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"Oops! We couldn't connect to your Copper"

Troubleshooting steps when you see the "Oops! We couldn't connect to your Copper" message

This message appears when your Copper device attempts to connect to your WiFi network but fails. It typically happens when you are adding a new device.

The typical causes include:

  1. The network you are connecting to is not 2.4 GHz. (Confirm WiFi network)
    • This can often be determined by the WiFi network name. If it has "5g" or "5" somewhere in the name (ie. Weathertop-5g instead of Weathertop) then this is likely the cause.
    • To verify that you have a non-5g version of the network, go back 2 screens to the Connect Copper screen, and check the WiFi name.

    2.  Incorrect WiFi name or password.

    • Once again, go back to the Connect Copper screen above and verify that the network name and password are both correct.