My One-Time-Password (OTP) isn't working.

Steps to take if you are having problems with your OTP

Copper mobile should only prompt you for an email address one time during login. Some users have encountered problems retrieving the password from their email because they are exiting the Copper App to retrieve the password. If you close Copper, and then reenter it, it invalidates the password.

If you 'exit the app' to obtain the One Time Password (OTP) verification code sent via email, you may be closing/terminating/killing the app through the OS rather than merely 'swapping tasks' to leave Copper mobile running in the background. Here's a way to confirm.

  1. When you open the app again are you prompted to tap Next a few times and re-enter your email address, or does it display a screen to enter the OTP code?
  2. If you are re-entering your email address, that is creating a new OTP request that invalidates the code you've just written down!
  3. Try to leave Copper mobile running in the background while fetching the OTP from email. When you bring Copper mobile back to the foreground it should be waiting for you to enter the OTP.
  4. If that's not possible, do you have access to email from another device so you can leave Copper mobile running in the foreground on your phone?