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Installing Copper - Android

Learn the steps for installing Copper

There are 3 parts to setting up your Copper device.

  1. Creating a Home
  2. Connecting your Copper 
  3. Connecting your meter
The animation below will demonstrate the steps.

1. Creating a Home

  • Go to the Google Play store and install the Copper Home Energy Monitoring app. (Note: Do not install the Copper Mobile Technician app).
  • After installing the Copper app you will be prompted to set up the entry for your home.
  • Be sure to allow Copper access to your location.
  • Set up your home by confirming your address.

2. Connecting your Copper device

  • Next, connect your Copper Device. Copper will attempt to identify your network. Note - Copper requires a connection to a 2.4 GHz network. If Copper does not identify the correct network you can enter it manually.
  • You'll receive a confirmation when the connection is complete.

3. Connecting your meter

  • Your final step is to connect your meter. You'll be prompted to take a picture of your meter for identification by Copper.
  • Copper will identify your meter - this can take up to a few hours to complete.
  • Once complete you have access to your meter data in the Copper App.