I'm not getting any data from my meter

Suggestion on how to troubleshoot the inability to get data from your Copper mobile app.

If you have connected your meter to Copper, but are not seeing data, you'll want to make sure the Copper unit can "hear" your meter.
  1. Make sure the Copper is within at least 35 feet of the meter.
  2. Try to limit the number of walls between the Copper gateway and your meter.
  3. Try moving the gateway near a window to get the signal outside rather than being blocked by concrete or metal.
  4. Reset the Copper app and install the meter again. Check that the Meter ID is correct.

NOTE: If Copper is indicating "No Live Data" but remains connected Copper is still functioning. "No Live Data" indicates that the Copper app is not receiving sufficient information to render the graph but is still accurately reporting data to your utility.