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I just installed Copper - why can't I see my data?

There are three steps that lead to your data being displayed

1. Copper must identify your meter. When you submit your meter image to Copper, it scans the meter number on the meter to identify it automatically. Depending on the quality of the image, this can take up to 48 hours. In some cases, it may also require manual intervention.

2. Next, Copper scans your meter to identify the proper channels to monitor. In most cases, Copper will "hear" the meter within an hour and then take the next 1-2 days to fully 'learn' the meter radio channel progression to achieve maximum data quality.

3. Copper then needs to collect sufficient data from the meter to populate the graphs. The main screen displays data in 2-hour increments.

Note: Some circumstances that inhibit the Copper's ability to hear your meter include:

  • Distance - The Copper should be close enough to the meter to hear its radio and close enough to your WiFi router to hear its signal. 
  • Environment - Physical barriers such as walls or dense construction materials can inhibit your Copper's ability to hear your meter or your network.