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How to build automations with Copper and SmartThings Energy

SmartThings Energy is an integration between Copper and the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform. SmartThings gives you access to data from all of your connected devices, including Copper. You can use that data to control and integrate the behavior of those devices using a feature called Automations. In this article, we will demonstrate a sample automation that uses weather and Copper data to control a Nest thermostat.


  • This is an example, and not an officially supported feature of Copper.
  • This example assumes you have already set up SmartThings and your Nest thermostat with GoogleHome. If you have not already done so this article explains the process

The following video demonstrates how to set up the sample integration. It is followed by step-by-step instructions.

HubSpot Video

First, select Automations from the Home page in the SmartThings app. 

Now set up the conditions that trigger the automation

1. Select the "+" sign to create a new automation routine. The automation details the conditions that will cause the routine to start (Ifs) and the actions the routine will run (Thens).

2. Press the "+" next to If to add your conditions. and select Weather. Select the Temperature radio button. Now enter the temperature you want to use. As an example select "equal to or greater than" 80 degrees. Now select Done.

3. Press the "+" sign next to If again to enter a second condition. This time select Device Status. This will allow you to query the different devices in your home. Select Energy Monitor - this is the entry for your Copper data.

4. We want to use the Power setting, which reports the energy your home is currently consuming. Enter Equal or above 750W and Save. Your triggers are now set.

Now we'll enter our actions. In them, we will raise the thermostat setting to allow the house to be a little warmer, make sure the fan is on to circulate the air, and send a notification to your phone whenever the automation starts.

1. Press the "+" sign next to the Then statement and then select Control devices. We will do this to change the thermostat settings.

2. Select the thermostat you set up in Google Home.

3. Activate the Cooling Temperature setting and enter a  temperature warmer than your typical setting. In this case, we'll choose 75 degrees. Save it and choose the Fan Mode setting. Set the fan to on. Now save those settings.

4. Select the "+" sign next to Then again. This time select Notify Someone and then Send text message. You may be prompted to allow SmartThings access to your contacts.

5. Now enter your message and phone number. Enter something like "You are in energy-saving mode." Enter your phone number under recipient. Save that setting.

6. This will take you back to the Routines page which you can now save. SmartThings will prompt you for a name for your Routine. If you do not enter one it will save it under a default name based on the actions and conditions you entered. Save it and your automation is set.

You have just created an automation that will turn up your thermostat if you are using more than 750W of energy and the temperature outside is 80 degrees or higher.


NOTE: This is one example of an integration you can build using your Copper data and SmartThings. It does not require any special devices beyond your Copper setup and a SmartThings compatible thermostat. To learn more about SmartThings automations take a look at these articles.

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