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Energy Efficiency Tips - Water

Suggestions on how to optimize your use of water

  1. Slow the flow. A low-flow showerhead can save up to 60 % of the water a typical showerhead uses. 
  2. Use your dishwasher. A high-efficiency dishwasher can save up to 24 gallons of water compared to hand washing, using as little as 3 gallons.
  3. Check for toilet leaks. A toilet with a leak can waste as much as 100 gallons of water daily.


  1. Deep watering. Water lawns and gardens slowly to conserve water and ensure it reaches plant roots effectively.
  2. Check your sprinklers. Regularly inspect irrigation equipment and connections to save on water bills. Check for leaks and broken or jammed sprinkler heads.
  3. Mulch it up! Mulch enhances the garden's beauty, manages weeds, prevents soil erosion, and reduces evaporation, aiding in water conservation by retaining moisture in the soil.
  4. Get Smart. Consider upgrading to a "smart" controller or adding a rain sensor to your irrigation system. These controllers can automatically analyze weather and soil moisture levels to adjust watering schedules, conserving water and providing optimal plant hydration.


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