Does my utility meter work with Copper?

Copper collects utility data by listening to your meter's radio.  Some meter types will work with Copper, while others will not. Let's learn about the types that Copper supports.

Gas Meters 

Copper supports a variety of gas meters.

type 12 gas meter 2-1  type 12 w - side label-1  roots style gas meter

Gas meters supported by Copper have labels identifying the meter type. These labels may be located on the meter's top, front, or side, as shown below.

type 12 top label  type 12 front label-4  type 12 side label-3

The meter is supported if the meter number begins with "12" or "28." 

type 12 label  type 28 label-1  

Electric meters

Copper listens for the radio signal broadcast by an electric meter to track its behavior. Supported meters have labels that begin with "04," "05," "07," "08," or "14." Here are examples of supported meters: 

type 4-3

Type 5 meters

Type 07 meter-3

type 8 meters-1

The type 14 meter is configurable. It MAY be supported depending on how it is configured.

type 14-3

The meter labels are typically located on the front face or the bottom of the meter.

electric label locations-1

The label will look similar to this example:

electric label

Water Meters

Copper currently supports two types of water meters; Kamstrup FlowIQ meters and Sensus iPERL meters.

A FlowIQ meter will look like the one shown below.


The Sensus meter does not have an internal radio and must be connected to a transmitter (type 11) to broadcast its data.


Smart Meter Support

Smart meters are part of a home-area network (HAN) such as Zigbee or a wide-area network (WAN) such as OpenWay. In order for Copper to work with these meter types, the utility must grant your Copper gateway access to the network. Some utilities provide a portal that allows consumers to grant access, while others must do it for you.

AMI meters-4

Smart meters will have a hexadecimal serial number (the digits will include "0-9" and "A-F".)