Copper cannot hear your meter

This occurs when the Copper device was once properly connected and has communicated with the meter, but is no longer getting a signal. 


There are a few reasons that typically cause this message.

1.  Your Copper is now too far from the meter.
  • This could make the reception inconsistent or non-existent.
  • Moving the device closer to the meter could fix this, but you will probably have to reconnect the unit as well. This is delicate because the gateway also shouldn't be too far from the premise's WiFi.

2.  Your meter has changed.
    • If you've had a new meter recently installed and removed an old one, you'll need to add that new meter.
    • Tap the 3 lines on the top left of the dashboard.
    • Tap the settings gear for the respective premise.
    • Tap 'Add Meter' and complete those steps.

    3.  Your household added a solar meter.
    It's common to add a separate meter when solar is installed. Both these meters need to be added to the premise on the app, using the same flow as described above.